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What's the best type of work?

  • Strategic planning or people leadership for operations or marketing in tech, consulting, or nonprofit industries (e.g. product manager, general manager, director of operations)
  • Also, projects with deliverables related to the work mentioned above

What is your availability?

I believe in having morning or early week check-ins to help set the tone for the time that follows. I prefer to have general meetings during the afternoon. You can book time on my calendar here.


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Why choose Yolanda?


  • See the vision and help you translate it into a plan with data to back it up.
  • Build the right multifunctional team to collaborate well.
  • Curate the right tech tools that support the dream.
  • Communicate to drive results.
  • Mission first ☝🏾.

What to expect for project engagement?

Our engagement will start way before a discovery call. When you book a meeting, you will answer questions about your business or project so I can perform due diligence and help drive our initial discussion to provide immediate value and some quick wins for you. If we decide to engage longer, we will discuss options that will best serve your needs and goals.


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